Promises to keep by Pratik Rana


I have arrived at the path that is long, weary and dark.

I have just paid visit to heaven,

where just like the souls; the sun was also warm.

I miss the sweet summer sweat,

the smoke and haze on rooftops.

But this path that I am on, never lets me rest.

It is good in a way, so I don’t really protest.

I would have stayed in heaven if forever did exist,

But forever is a distant dream, and

I had some promises to keep.

I see a dream so close to reality,

I can feel it every night

Near the end of my road there is all that I left behind…

…and more.

The smoke is white and deeper is the haze

There is a subtle peace;

Because I have nowhere to be.


On this path, I can never sleep,

So, that later,

I will have no promises to keep.

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