To the pseudo nationalists of India

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”

Amused by the fact that cacophony created by a film featuring a Pakistani artist is, in all measurement, 100% more than the chaos that should outrage the nation while India still remains a nation with the largest population of illiterates has once again compelled me to go to these highly “patriotic” people and bang their heads against a wall only with a slight ray of hope that they might just start to think.

Am I an anti-national for wanting hurt for a fellow ‘Indian’? Well, thousands of people die in this nation solely owing to communal violence and the parents of such violence are warming up the biggest seats of leadership, today. So, let’s not try keeping my anger against these seeds of hatred and low IQ in pitch with my love for the country, shall we?

Those who make you believe that raising your voice against the Govt measures to “sedition” (India’s new favourite word) have swayed you away from the fact that you, my dear friend, are born in a democracy and it is not just your duty but your right to raise your voice against anything you find wrong or wrongful. Not to forget, the Supreme Court of this nation has clarified that being critical of the Government does not make you an anti-national!

Those who make you believe that if you want peace, not war with Pakistan measures to you being an ISI agent (Hehe, cracks me up every time!) have swayed you away from confirming your faith in the fact that you are an Indian first and a voter later. Just because the Govt that you voted for has suddenly developed a love for war-weapons does not mean you, too, say ‘cheers’ to war and hop on for ride to destruction.

But, wait, according to these nationalists (aachhoo, sorry allergic to that word)…these “pseudo” nationalists, the only way to prove that you have love chasing butterflies and a fairy tale in your heart for India is to make sure that you play a background score of Sunny Deol bombing it all away the moment you hear Pakistan! Who cares if you give two cents to where we are really heading? Just for details; India ranks 92 in education, 135 in standard of living, has more than 22% of its population living under poverty line and ranks 3rd in rape cases. So, the only way to show that you love your country is not by having a concern for issues that actually matter but by only hating thy neighbour because that, sir, solves all our problems, right? Bullshit.

The very fact that media houses downplayed the story of Najeeb – a JNU student who went missing following a scuffle with the ABVP goons and has not been found for over 23 days now is an indicator to how these “nationalists” don’t seem to care about the country, its students or right or wrong – All they truly care about is their convenience. Had it been some other university, some other party, can you even imagine the decibel of TV anchors tearing your ears every night after night? Because it was JNU, because it was ABVP- the love child of BJP-  is why we as a nation could not feel the outrage. Do we give damn about what happened to Najeeb or why are those ABVP idiots not arrested? ONLY because he was from JNU, the Indian inside of him has no power to ask for justice from those Indian media houses, authorities and leaders who promise us “acche din”.

Hypocrisy at its finest, patriotism at is worst.

When an Akhlaq gets lynched in a 2016 India over suspicion of beef consumption with the Prime Minister speaking nothing on it – a citizen must question. When an accused in Akhlaq lynch case, dies in Jail, and is wrapped in Indian Flag – a right of only those who sacrifice for the nation and the Government stands like a mute spectator, pretending to do its job – a citizen must question. When the Modi sarkaar takes action only after 25 schools have been burnt in Kashmir – a citizen must question!

Silence of the public only strengthens the Governments, never the future.

Gujarat – the model state of Prime Minister saw Dalit men being tied to a car and beaten by a mob for skinning a dead cow’s meat owing to the fact it had been their profession for generations and the supremo said nothing on it. Later, the Dalits protested against the establishment for days, some attempting to commit suicide, with slogans raising like “Your mother, you bury her” – a gyaan to the “cow-protectors” that if there was no skinning or burying of dead cows, you will die of the carcasses lying around, so somebody HAS to do it! A religion cannot control the course of nature, but well, nationalists have forgotten when they last used their brains.

I have often been called “leftie” / “pseudo” / “fake liberal” / my favourite – “Arundhati Roy type” – a clear sign of how people in this country have a category for those who merely want to question the system. It is weird to be a part of a category when this must be done by every citizen of this country!

The government will come and go, the Prime Ministers and Ministers will change, the rules will change, the courts will change – but one thing that must never, ever change is this “category” of those who are fearless in asking questions to the establishment, those who are not afraid to criticize it and those who will never accept the label of being an “anti-national” because what is true is the fact that us “anti-nationals” care about this country a lot more than these “pseudo-nationalists” because, unlike you, we dare to question!

Imagine what would happen if the likes of Bhagat Singh had stopped questioning the then Govt or if the rebels were silenced by the then authorities. Can we imagine the present?

Like Raj Kamal Jha rightly said, “Criticism from the Government, is a badge of honour for a journalist

Long Live Revolution!

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