Open letter to an Indian Minister who trembles when girls drink BEER

Hello Mr Parrikar,

Hope you’re still basking in the glory of being the Chief Minister of Goa – the only place Indians can actually relax in – because, you know, you now have the opportunity to destroy something beautiful. From what I understand, that is the expertise of your party. And what is better for a party than to have Ministers who indeed thrive towards achieving the ultimate goal?

Last Saturday, you made headlines about a certain fear you have. As much as I encourage people to talk freely about their issues, I now believe it is, sometimes, alright to just…stay quiet. You went on stage and said, “I am scared because now even girls are drinking beer!

You are a Minister in India. A nation still developing, still struggling with issues like poverty and unemployment. A country with 1.3 billion people – still figuring how to fight problems (thanks to the Brits)… I have to say, out of ALL the things you could possibly be worried about, you are afraid of girls having beer? That is, well, hilarious to be honest.

Soon after you said it, Twitter was filled with Indian women taking selfies of themselves with beer and posting to you. With love, of course. Anger is something which has been gifted to the Indian men. Good for them, we like better presents. Presents like, hmm,  a slab of beers!

This letter is just another contribution from a brown girl who wants to call you out on your sheer hypocrisy. This letter is meant for you to put your head in the right place and stop sniffing what women have or have not been drinking. Why don’t you focus on what women have to go through, or don’t have to, because they meet death sooner than justice? Remember the 28-year British woman who was found raped and murdered on the beach in your very own Goa? Breaking News – Rape is scarier than beer.

You are in the Government, right? There is so much pressure on you darling, you seem to have forgotten the laws of the country. There is a legal age for drinking. FULL STOP. There are NO different legal ages for men and women. No one has to go to a bottle shop and when asked for ID card, show a dick pic. No, it doesn’t work that way. Dick pics belong in the ‘other’ inbox of messenger. Period.

The next time you see a girl drinking beer – know that might be just the starter. And that she will go on to have whiskey, vodka, whatever she is vibing with. And that she is a free woman, in a free country, and if you are a public servant, you better get to work and make sure no rapists map the road when my drunk sister wants to go home. It might be 3 AM or 10 PM – last I checked a girl was raped at 2 in the afternoon. Thanks but no thanks to your idea of ideal woman and when she ‘should’ be home.

We have no time for your patriarchal bullshit. We have some kickass careers and loads of beer to get back to. You, sir, please get back to serving us.
Thank you and cheers!


A Brown girl currently drinking beer.


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